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Aathmanivedhanam — August 5, 2016



                One day, my heart got a wish to worship lord venkateswara…in thirupathi.

          All of sudden, fortunately, I got a opportunity to go thirupathi and worship my lord…my heart flee to heights to see him with my truly awaited heart and soul.
                  Me and my brother started to thirupathi. My heart filled with joy and happiness.
                When we reached thirupathi, my soul started to sing…. 

         Podaganti mayya mimmu..purushothamaa..
      .a spiritual song of annamayya…

                 We went on pedestrian road to worship lord venkateswara…but it was a very hard to me to step up 2800 steps nearly…my brother and me…started and climbed so many steps with difficulty…               

           Later, We went in to compartments where we stayed for 10 hrs..for dharshana…

         Once they opened the gates my heart rushed with happiness to see my lord…
            After a long waiting and difficulty at last me and my brother reached lord venkateswara..slowly devotees and other pedestrians are walking through the directions

  My heart was filled with so many wishes, like bless my family,bless my parents,give good health to all..I am excited to tell my wishes to my lord…

         But once I saw him directly, my heart floated with happiness and joy never I felt before and I am totally submitted my soul by seeing merciful and graceful lord sri venkateshwara..

            My heart started speaking to him that why I am asking minor wishes selfishly about my goodness and my family..I would have ever asked your sannidhi. to worship for my lifetime which is so previlige to me….
             oh lord I am really blessed to have your dharshana…

          Please consider my wishes as they are minor to you…they are very important for me…as I am a selfish human being and I am stucked with this human bondings…

Please accept my soul to your feet….as you are only one for me….aathmanivedam…

A sharing (smile and food) — July 25, 2016

A sharing (smile and food)

This is my one more experience of the day which god blessed me to give happiness to others…

On day 1 of my joining in the team..of work…one of boy was always moody and being depressed he always stood isolated and never mingled with others properly….

Slowly I started speaking to him that I was blessed to have friend like him…from bottom of heart …slowly a smile started on his face…..

He tried to escape for giving lift on his bike…

   .on 2nd day we started speaking to each other and I joked with him…and I asked him..why he was so dull…he opened his heart and said I am getting depressed sometimes that I am wasting my life….he told…

Don’t think like that you are always good and your thinking is beyond the limits you are blessed and sharing your views is a great honor I told….

Today he came with a smile.. And voluntarily he asked me that please stay with me for my two years I will take you to other countries with me…

He asked me to Please share my food and he gave me some food.


and voluntarily he asked me that he will give me lift and he will be coming tomorrow to pick up me……

Thank you my lord for giving me a wonderful opportunity to share smiles with food….

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Here is my real loved pics… —
I am not alone.. —

I am not alone..


Oh my lord….I submit my heart and soul…on to your feet…
You are the true best friend of mine in the life ….because…you never left me…for any cause…and you believed me..until my last day…

Not selfish:

    I don’t believe in human relations… Because they are just selfish…in their goals…once they get what they wanted they throw everything…. To the foot…and make it useless….

Made me precious:

But you made me from  useless to precious….I always keep my trust and very loyal…to you oh my lord….
I never used any advantage and I never did a sin that you know my father….
Who may believe it or not …I surrender my life to you…I am not bothered of any body to…and never wait for anybody…because you are my true best friend…I wash your feet with my tears…
As my heart is so pure it will not see anything in wrong view..

Respecting mother:

I see everybody as my mother and I respected them so much..

Every body respects mother and I did the same….you gave me the eyes of equality… Which is showing me everything pure….if I  see anything wrongly and feels it false.. I would become a great sinner of life time…
I don’t want to loose my trust of you so I never do.. it…

  Life that is precious:

You showed me everything of life…from  birth to death…from small babies smile to elders ill death….
As I seen everything from you lord ,I never passionate towards the temporary and limited beauty and for any power…

You showed the true love towards me..when I felt alone you were with me,when I was sick u strengthened me…when I cried you washed my tears,when I am restless you became a shade of tree….

How much you show the honesty to this inhumane world they will easily change their mind and becomes evil at times…

Good vs evil:

But you gave me strength…that to face and challenge the untruth and fakeful.. Enemies those who are immoral and unethical and inhumane….

I will fight until my last breath against the evil that tries to defame us and weaken us….oh my lord I never scared of anything because you are with me…and u will not make to do any sin….

Those who believe it or not never fear of anything and challenge it …with your honesty…
Those who love their mother definitely will respect everything purely….

Giving happiness to others

You gave a pure heart that is dedicated only to you….you blessed me to give happiness to others…. I will never loose your trust….these human hearts will easily forget the mighty deeds which we do..but you never leave me…I stick to my oath that you gave me a wonderful opportunity for this one year ….let do it to reach heights in my. life time….

Even though I am one I am not alone…
Because I have only you….and you are in my heart….

Manchi manasuki odarpu…. — July 11, 2016

Manchi manasuki odarpu….


Oka manchi Manasuki odarpu..

Oka chinna pilladiki thana mamayya ante chala istam…
             Eppudu Baga chocolates theeyisthadu,   premaga chusukuntadu, eppudu koppadadu,   evarina edina anna ventane odarusthadu, inka manchi kadhalu cheptadu,manchi patalu padi nidrapuchuthadu….ilaga chinnapati nunchi Baga premaga chusukuntu unnadu… 

             Aa abbayi perigi pedda ayyadu ippudu degree chaduvuthunnadu…

            Mamayya ki Vere chota job vachindi..kani aa abbayi ni vadili vellalante,  mansuki chala badesthundi…kani vellali,
                 Aa abbayiki chala badaga undi vadili undataniki…

                   Anduku aa abbayi konni rojulu matladatam manesadu bada ni tattukovataniki…

                 kani mamayya manasu aa abbayi manasuni ardam cheskundi….

              Oka roju challani sayanthram..aa abbayi ni pilichi… manasu theera ila matladadu…

Chinnoda enduku ala unnav ani adigadu.

                             Inka .nenu meetho matladakudadu anukunna…antadu..
.Aa abbayi…

                 Enduku ala badapaduthunnav ani mamayya adigithe..

            Kannelu pettukuntu inka naa tho undav kada neetho eppati laga undalenu kada

                Inka dooram ayipothav Kada antadu…intha istam antha pothundi kada, ela undanu inka happy ga antadu….
                     manam aadukunna atalu..naakosam, padina patalu inka naakosam chala chesav …
           enduku chesaru naa kosam…ilaga dooram ayyeppudu antadu….

       Idi vinna mamayya, aa abbayi tho ila annadu chirunavvutho….
              Nenu ekkadiki veltunna cheppu , neeku eppudu dooram avvanu ani cheppanu kada ,
          Eppudu naa Mata tappanu… istam undi ani naaku telsu kada..nuvvante naaku cheppaleni istam undi, nenu ela veedagalanu ninnu…
          Chala chesanu neekosam…Edi marichipolenu..nenu

          Chinnoda Baga vinu… idi life….chala viluvinadi manam edina sadinchentha varaku manasuni ardam chesukovali.. Inka adupu chesukovali. .kada… Cheppu..
                Jarige prathi vishayaniki oka karanam untundi…adi jeevitham lo manalni  goppa vallani chestundi…

           Manasuni dhrudaparuchuko…nuv sadhinchali , sadhisthav adi naaku telsu…nuvvante antha nammakam…undi. naaku…

            Nenu eppudu dooram avvanu nannu Nammu neetho unna kshanalni ela marchiponu…

         Neekosam kastapadetappudu naaku nee anandam matrame kanipinchindi..tappa kastam kanipinchaledu..
               Nuvvu ilage badapadithe em cheyyanu naa kastam antha vrudha avthundi kada….

              Okkasari navvali …..mellaga try cheyi…Haa Edo koncham ….adi navvesav..
    Nenu ekkadiki vellina naa manasu neethone untundi..
            Eppudina gurthu vaste,naa prathi no. neethone undi kada phone cheyi..ela unnav cheppu..
         Nee daggara unna vedio pampu. Nee kallatho Ee prapncham ni chustanu..
            Nee Mata vinte chalu neetho unnatle anipisthundi naaku…

     Prathiroju kothaga asavadhinchu , nenu neethone untanu.Nee matala kosam eduru chusthu untanu…Anandam me kavali..

                    Sarena…  badapadaku, digulupadaku nuvveppudu badapadakudadu….

Naa kathalu, patalu, kaburlu Anni eppudu eduruchusthu untai…inka nuvvedina kothaga chesina naaku cheppu Sarena…

Prathi vishayaniki karanam untundi…kada alage nuvvu poorthiga dhiryamga marataniki ila jarigindi…Sarena..prathidi mana manchi kosame kada…
Nuvvu entha dhiryam ga unte nenu antha happy ga untanu ani kannillu thudusthadu….eppudu badapadaku ninnu eppatiki ala chudalenu..

                 Manam dooram avvatledu gnapakalni daggaraga chesukuntunnam…
           Oka sari navvava….plz….?😊

                Ala aa chinnodu,aa mamayaa matalaki  happy ga unnadu…veelu ayinappudu matladuthu happy ayyadu…gurthu vachinappudu matladathadu… Ala thana bada nunchi odarpu pondadu.

Authors voice and moral of story

          Dooram annadi iddari manushula madya untundi kani daggarina manasulaki kadu…
          Eppudu theeram chuse ala daggariki vachi malli vellipothundi…Ade sagaram iche odarpu patam…Ee manasuki……

                                     By Madhan Krishna

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Fly your heart as a kite in the sky…. — July 9, 2016

Fly your heart as a kite in the sky….


           I would like to share one of my wonderful experience….

             It was an adorable occasion on children’s day 2015..we went to
Alshifa orphanage,in kadapa..

            There, I  inspired by seeing the mentally challenged children who are severely affected with autism, and ill mental development.

           Even though there were mentally challenged, the love towards them shown by the management of Alshifa orphanage…made my heart to salute to their dedication…

              I was asked to give a small speech….

         With a little smile on face, I started my speech..

          Hi!! good morning children, I greeted them…they happily wished me…

               I told them, that I would like to tell a small story….plz…listen to it carefully…

Ok….they nodded head…playfully.

With smile is started….


           There were two friends…in a school, one friend is very active but the other is studious and good hearted…but struggling to get  the success in his works…

        Both the friends, wanted to fly the kites one friend knows it better to make kite and he did it simply and started playing with it..his heart is flying with happiness as  the kite..flying higher and higher…

         The other boy who is studious and good didn’t know how to make the kite…but he made it but it is not flying in to the skies…he depressed by seeing it…and asked his friend to help him….

     He smiled at the good boy and opened that  boy’s kite , there he found paper is not folded properly. and as he unfolded it and started flying the kite, it  rised higher and higher than his own kite…

         That good boy felt very happy by seeing it….

Authors voice and moral of story:

                 Don’t fold your heart with restrictions and loose of your goals of happiness….

           unfold and make  your heart to fly like a kite …it will reach the heights of sky…

          Don’t think about inability, hold your trust that you can succeed and reach  your target(sky)..

           Never see the earth…when your target is sky…passion has no discrimination.. It is same for every heart…

Thank you for listening and may god bless you…

And heart fully I pray to god..
that I would like to see many Stephen Hawkins coming from you (scientist)..whose  only brain is working…..

Thanks for giving me this opportunity….

By Madhan Krishna..

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request for viewers — July 5, 2016

request for viewers

I would like to share my views to you….

I am  happy to say that i opened new websites for each topics.

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History of Aadhar(Uid) card in india — Madhan Krishna — July 4, 2016

History of Aadhar(Uid) card in india — Madhan Krishna

History of Aadhar card(unique identification number) ………………………………………………………….. In 1999 after the Kargil war , Review Committee, headed by security analyst K. Subrahmanyam , was formed to study the state of national security . It submitted its report to Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee on 7 January 2000. Among its various recommendations, was […]

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Understanding of anatomy made easy 2… — July 3, 2016

Understanding of anatomy made easy 2…

I would like to explain few topics in anatomy which are very important in exam point of view…..



Upper limb

1. Axillary artery
2. Mammary gland – lymphatics.
3. Brachial plexus
4. shoulder joint
5. Nerves : ulnar nerve
6. Radial nerve

Lower limb

1. Femoral triangle
2. Popliteal fossa
3. Hip joint
4. Knee joint
5. Arches of foot
6. Sciatic nerve


1. Right atrium
2. Blood supply of heart
3. Bronchopulmonary segments
4.mediastinal surface of lung


1. Inguinal canal.
2. Rectus sheath
3. Stomach
4. Duodenum and pancreas
5. Visceral surface of liver
6.portal vein and portocaval anastamosis
7. Kidney


1. Urinary bladder
2. Prostate
3. Uterus
4. Rectum
5. Anal canal


1. Cerebral hemisphere and functional areas
2. White matter of cerebrum and corpus callosum
3. Cerebellum.

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History of Aadhar(Uid) card in india —

History of Aadhar(Uid) card in india

History of Aadhar card(unique identification number)


In 1999 after the Kargil war , Review Committee, headed by security analyst K. Subrahmanyam , was formed to study the state of national security .

        It submitted its report to Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee on 7 January 2000.
  Among its various recommendations, was the proposal that citizens in villages in border region be issued identity cards on a priority basis, later such id cards should be issued to all people living in border states.
        A Group of Ministers (GoM), headed by L. K. Advani , was formed to study the recommendations and examine possible implemenatation.

The GoM submitted its report in May 2001. It had accepted the recommendation for an id card. The report said the a “multi-purpose National Identity Card” project would be started soon. The card would be first issued in border villages and then elsewhere.
   In late September in
01, the Ministry of External Affairs proposed that a mandatory national identity card be issued.
   In December 2003, the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2003 was introduced in the Lok Sabha by L. K. Advani . It primarily aim to provide various rights to persons of Indian origin .
        However, the bill also introduced the Clause 14 (a) that said “The Central Government may compulsorily register every citizen of India and issue national identity card to him.”


After the Planning Commission of India issued a notification,the UIDAI was established on 28 January 2009.
    On 23 June 2009, Nandan Nilekani , the co-founder of Infosys , was appointed  to head the project and he was given the newly created position of the Chairman of UIDAI which was equivalent to a Cabinet minister.
        In April 2010, the logo and the brand name Aadhaar was launched by Nilekani In May 2010, Nilakani said he would support a legislation to protect the data held by the UIDA

     In July 2010, UIDAI published a list 15 of agencies which were qualified to provide training to personnel to be involved in the enrollment process.

       It also published a list of 220 agencies which were qualified to take part in the enrollment process. Before this, the project had been only 20 states and with Life Insurance Corporation of India and State Bank of India as qualified registrars.

        On 7 February 2012, the UIDAI launched an online verification system for Aadhar numbers. Using the system banks, telecom companies and government departments could enter an Aadhaar number and verify if the person was a resident of India.

     On 26 November 2012, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh launched an Aadhaar-linked direct benefit transfer scheme.

     The project aimed to eliminate leakages in the system by directly transferring the money to the bank account of the recipient. The project was to be introduced in 51 districts on 1 January 2013 and then slowly expanded to cover all of India
          In March 2014, Nandan Nilekani resigned as the Chairman to contest in the general election. Nilekani lost to Ananth Kumar.

       During the budget presentation on 29 February 2016, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley announced that a bill will be introduced within a week to provide legislative support to the Aadhaar.

          On 3 March 2016, the Aadhaar (Targeted Delivery of Financial and Other Subsidies, Benefits and Services) Bill, 2016 was introduced in the Parliament as a money bill by Jaitley.

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